Chartered Accountants Specialising in R&D Funding
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Chartered Accountants Specialising in R&D Funding

Do You Qualify?

To qualify you are a limited company and you are attempting product, technological or scientific advances, and in doing so are overcoming technical challenges and uncertainties.

Knowing whether you are eligible to claim for R&D can be confusing. If you can answer YES to any of the following questions, call us today for a ‘no obligation’ conversation regarding your potential R&D claim.


  • Have you overcome a technical challenge or uncertainty through improving existing or developing new products or processes?
  • Have you improved the way the product is manufactured?
  • Are you combining two or more existing technologies in a unique way?
  • Have you made technological improvements to an existing system?
  • Have you had any software developed specifically for your manufacturing or distribution process?
  • Are you trying to make something better, cheaper, faster or more efficient?
  • Have you undertaken testing?

Already capitalised your R&D expenditure? It may still be possible to claim.

To find out more, contact us via phone, email or live chat.

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