Chartered Accountants Specialising in R&D Funding

Who Are We?

Libcus is a firm of Chartered Accountants, specialising in Research and Development funding. Having been in the marketplace for 15 years, we have been providing this service for longer than most of our competitors. We use our specialist knowledge and expertise to investigate your eligibility and compile a Research and Development tax claim.

With the legislation constantly changing, we are up to date with the current interpretation of the government scheme. The good working relationship we have built up with HMRC is invaluable in achieving this. Between us we have a unique mix of skill sets in terms of technical understanding of both industry and tax.

R&D Tax Credits

Our advice has one purpose only, to make you more money whilst you concentrate on running your business. It’s that simple!

R&D Tax Credits

Why Use Libcus?

We have a 100% success rate in over 15 years, as we take time to really assess whether a company has a claim before starting the process. We respect our clients’ privacy and all our dealings are confidential. A high proportion of our clients are longstanding, they have stayed with us over many years as they recognise our commitment to delivering outstanding service. Many of our clients are introduced to us as a result of recommendation.

Our client base is broad, so we come across most industry sectors from the conventional to the more unusual. In some cases we have successfully claimed for companies who have been previously told they do not qualify.

We know your time is precious, so in asking the right questions to assess your eligibility to claim, we make the process as easy as possible.

Why Libcus? Because we ask the right questions!

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We would love to find out more about your business and how we might be able to help you compile a Research and Development tax claim.

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