Chartered Accountants Specialising in R&D Funding

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Chartered Accountants Specialising in R&D Funding

If you know someone who you feel could benefit from the R&D Tax Credit Scheme, then why not partner with Libcus

Our partner programme makes offering R&D tax credit services to your clients simple and straightforward. We partner with a range of businesses to provide our specialist knowledge and expertise whilst freeing up your valuable time.

  • Are you an Accountant, looking to maximise the benefit for your client by offering a specialist service?
  • Do you already handle R&D tax claims but would like support on more complex or industry specific cases?
  • As a consultant, business adviser or lawyer do you have clients who could take advantage of the scheme?
  •  Are you a specialist or subcontractor missing out on an opportunity?
  •  Do you belong to a governing body or industry specific group where others could benefit?

If you can answer YES to any of the above, click the link below to contact us or call us on 01629 810222 to find out more about our referral scheme. 

R&D Tax Credit Partner Programme

Most, if not all, accountants and business advisors will be aware of R&D tax credits and have clients that could benefit from the scheme. However, some may not have the resources to assist or the specialist knowledge to ensure their clients achieve the maximum claim.  At Libcus, our team of established technical consultants can help explore all R&D tax credit options available for your clients. 

Eligible clients


We have experience dealing with claims in a wide range of industry sectors. Some of the most R&D-rich sectors include software, manufacturing, science & medicine and engineering. However the relief is available to all sectors.

Within your client base you should look for any product, process or software development of a technical nature. The company needs to be undertaking a project which could be creating something new, improving something that already exists or duplicating a competitor’s breakthrough. The project needs to overcome specific technological or scientific uncertainties which are not easily solved by a competent professional in the field.

R&D Tax Credit Partner Programme
R&D Tax Credit Partner Programme

Our approach


  • We are adaptable in our approach, working with you in a way that suits your client best.
  • We can handle the entire claims process for your client, from engagement through to payment.
  • We work on a “no win no fee” basis, which means there is no financial risk to your client.
  • We will only submit claims which we believe will have a successful outcome.
  • A dedicated technical specialist at Libcus will keep you up to date on our progress with your client.

What our partners say….

“Being part of the partner programme is brilliant. We have a direct contact and a relationship where we can trust our clients get taken care of and get the same level of service, we would provide.

We are kept up to date on the process and anything needed from the accounting side can be dealt with directly to save clients time too! – we would certainly recommend it.”

“We have used the team at Libcus for R&D tax work and advice for a good number of years and have found them to be very professional, reliable and efficient on every occasion.

They have achieved excellent results for our clients and I have no hesitation in providing this reference.”

For an initial consultation about partnering with Libcus, call us today on

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