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Chartered Accountants Specialising in R&D Funding

R&D Tax Credits in the Architecture, Property & Construction sector

Whenever anyone talks about research and development (R&D), the usual industries spring to mind including pharmaceuticals, software and engineering. It may come as a surprise to learn that companies involved in Architecture, Construction and Property also have the potential to claim.

Could you qualify for R&D Tax Credits in this sector?

R&D Tax Credits Architecture

Qualifying Examples of R&D Tax Credits in the architecture, construction and property sector

The R&D tax credit scheme rewards any company whose work seeks to resolve a ‘scientific or technological uncertainty’. Qualifying activities may include:

  • Developing a new construction method or material.
  • Creating a technical architectural solution.
  • Developing designs for unique/challenging environments.
  • Developing new software applications for use in the sector.
  • Developing new or improved designs for structures.
  • Using existing materials in a new/novel way.

Further information on projects that count as R&D can be found on the Government website: here

Examples of successful R&D Tax Credit claims for our clients

A property development company based in London developed a housing concept with integrated smart technology for assisted living and waste disposal efficiency.

Libcus recovered £57,000 for the client.

A commercial and industrial fencing contractor developed a new innovative acoustic barried system.

Libcus recovered £38,000 for the client.

Other industries eligible for R&D Tax Claims

Our technical specialists regularly process successful claims in the architecture, construction and property sector. However many other industries are eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits. For more informaiton on other industries and examples of claims, please click on the links below:

Technology & Software

The technology sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK and as such is one of the key areas for R&D tax relief:

  • Cyber security & encryption
  • Search engine advancements
  • Linking old & new software  systems
R&D Tax Credits IT

Food & Beverage

R&D has always played a part in the food & beverage industry but is constantly increasing as awareness of allergies and healthier types of food and drinks grow in demand but where taste remains a key factor.

R&D Tax Credits Food & Beverage


The importance of a successful manufacturing industry lies at the heart of any economy, and today more than ever flexibility in adapting to ever changing customer requirements is vital for future prosperity.

R&D Tax Credits Manufacturing